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Automatic timing

Many things can be repetitive in daily life, which people forget to do because they are busy or not at home. Smart home automated scheduling allows the user to do other repetitive and routine tasks. Just control the timing of your smart home equipment by setting different schedulers in the luxuin app.

Schedule of lighting control system

By adjusting the automatic timing for the smart home lighting system, you no longer have to command the lights throughout the day. For example, you can set your home’s lighting system at sunset so that the lights automatically turn on at sunset.

Schedule of cooling and heating system

Your home’s cooling and heating system does not have to operate at cool temperatures when you are not indoors. Busy people who work outdoors during the working hours can be assured of timely cooling and heating, minimal energy consumption when they are not home, and of the appropriate temperature when they want to come home.
The smart headlight system automatically switches on and controls the environment of the smart home environment as needed.
You can also schedule the cooling and heating system before arriving at the villa to automatically switch on the split and to keep the ambient temperature balanced before reaching the villa.

Schedule Electric curtain

You can adjust the timing of the smart home curtain based on your wake-up time. When you wake up, the electric curtain goes up automatically.

Schedule smart irrigation system

By adjusting the automatic timing, the smart system will irrigate the greenhouses and gardens as scheduled.

Scheduling of electrical equipment

All smart electrical appliances have automatic timing capabilities. By setting time for equipment such as: tea maker, TV, radio, ironing, etc., the set clock automatically switches on and off.