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Energy saving

Luxin’s smart home technology allows users to control their energy consumption through a variety of energy-saving strategies.
The cost that homeowners make to building smartphones will return to them after a while by reducing energy consumption and increasing home value.

What is the role of Luxin’s smart home in energy saving?

Luxin smart home enables users to remotely control electrical equipment.
Automatic timing equipment is switched on when needed, which helps to save the energy.
For example, when you are not at home, the heating and cooling system do not need to be turned on.
By setting an automatic timing you can turn on the cooling or heating system for a few hours before arriving home, which significantly reduces energy consumption.
You can also schedule lighting, smart irrigation, electric curtains, electrical equipment and more.
In addition, the Luxin smart home app can tell you the peak time of power consumption to turn on your power-consuming devices when the power tariff is lower than.