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With the advancements of smart technology, it makes sense to include security features. The user would be able to control the arming and disarming of the alarm, as well as edit specific settings of the alarm, such as the key code. The user could also have the option to configure intrusion detection settings. This would work firstly by outside lights detecting motion and then the system would warn the security personnel or house owner of any windows or doors being forced open, through the use of electronic sensors that are connected to the system.

In Luxin Smart Home, you can travel for weeks and months without worry, and control your smart home against accidents such as fires, thefts or any other unexpected events.

With Smart Home, you can monitor your home or work area live while traveling from your phone to increase building safety.
Another example is when a smart home is on fire, during which a fire alarm is displayed on the user’s phone and the alarm is bit at the same time.
Accidents do not always happen when you are outside of your home or workplace, but rather, such as an earthquake or fire, etc. When you are in the building, press the alert key to exit the traffic lights. Buildings are lit and it is possible to get out of the scene without spending extra time.
Other smart home features that enhance smart home security are the presence simulator.
This scenario captures and implements all the ordinary day’s events and alerts the user on the phone when unusual events occur.
As these events take place, the smart home alarm is activated. Who are informed by the siren sound of others that something has happened.