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suitable For the elderly

Using smart home technology and IOT to support older people was unthinkable until a few years ago. But in the last few years, the smart home has made it possible to help the elderly more. Building smartness can help seniors maintain their independence, efficiency, well-being and quality of life.

Independence and quality improvement in elderly Life

Generally ,the smart home is a technology-enabled home that monitors the improvement of quality of life and physical independence. So we are looking for innovative ways to use information technology to enhance the independence and quality of life of older people. Luxin’s smart home helps people with hearing, visual or cognitive impairments, and so on, to do things independently.

Decrease dependence and increase immunity in the elderly

Smart home performance can be greatly expanding to meet the needs of the elderly. This versatile function of the smart home implies versatility as well as flexibility. Numerous projects, including smart home technology for the elderly, have been implemented around the world with the aim of reducing dependency and increasing safety.