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Luxin is a manufacturer of IoT based building intelligence. Luxin is designed by professionals with consideration of building features. The company focuses on villa, luxury building, apartment and farms intelligentize. Supply cost-effective and convenient smart home automation products, such as Smart Light, Smart Door & Window, Smart Appliances, background music, home theater, temperature and humidity control, High integration LOT and Turn-key Project, Let customers enjoy the comfort and convenience of Technology.


At the same time, it also provides all kinds of integrated intelligent hardware solutions for traditional home appliance manufacturers, which help manufacturers to accelerate the intelligent upgrading of products, effectively reduce R & D investment and product listing cycle. LUXIN networking solutions for the core components including smart hardware module, smart products PCBA solutions, customized mobile phone APP, Project for smart lighting, smart home appliances, smart switch / socket, smart door and window, smart security, smart sensor etc.

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Unit 2, 4th Floor, #4, Kostava St, Mirotadzis St, Tbilisi 0152, Georgia



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