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Smart Home Solutions

Home Lights

During sleep, it can be made from inside the bed and non-displacement, to reducing the light of the rooms or turning off the extra lamps through the application.

The lights can be turned on and off due to the no presence at home at night or at midnight for any reason (to prevent theft by turning on the lights).

Through the application it can be control and ensure the lights are off after leaving the house.

Planning and managing power consumption of lights and lighting lamps.

Audio and Video Devices

Turn on or off audio and video devices.

To turn on the video devices for children inside the house in certain hours or even preset channels through the application.

Turn on audio and video devices for pets or create a special sound to slow them down.

Turn on or off educational audio and videos at specific hours for children or recalling to take the medicine for older people inside the home.

In hotels, controlling and planning for the selected specific TV channels to watch.

In hotels, planning and calculating the cost of watching movies and selected pictures by guests.

Refrigeration and Heating Equipment

Setting and management of refrigerating and heating devices through the application at the time of rest on the sofa and sleeping on bed.

Setting and managing of refrigerating and heating devices when you are out of your home, villa or workplace, to create a cold or proper heat when you reach the place.

Through the application, you can set and manage refrigeration and heating devices to create suitable space for pets when you are not present at the place.

Setting and managing of refrigerating and heating devices to create suitable space for patients and elders in case you are not available at the place.

Doors lock

Opening and closing the door locks when you are not home to enter cleaner, repairer or the relatives who wish to enter to your villa, home or your office.

Locking the door of all rooms, halls and other places in your workplaces or villas, the time of arrival of unauthorized people.

Opening or closing locks of the windows of your home, villa or workplaces in order to replace the appropriate air or any other reason through the application remotely.

Opening the door of some rooms for special orders or opening the door of the place the pets are, in order to pets can leave their place to eat.

Control Motors for Curtains

Your curtains can be closed at specific times to prevent light entry.

Your villa, work place or home curtains can be inserted in order to make the right use of sunlight at the right time and the sunlight and also heat can enter into your home or villa area.

When resting and at night, you want to see space and landscape outside your room but you may worry about sunlight in the morning? Don’t worry, by planning by the app, you can block your room curtains at a specified time and go with an imaginary feel to continue sleeping morning.

Home birds or even other pets are interested in seeing the scenery out of the house. In this case, you can have a remote and at the specified time, place their curtains aside and enjoy watching the scenery out of the house, you give them a pleasant gift.

Water Taps Control

Is the cost of watering your green space or greenhouses is so much?

Do not you have enough time to watering your flowers and your villa’s garden?

Is it difficult to commute for maintain your green space and greenhouse of your home or villa?

Do your plans need fresh air in a greenhouse of your home or villa, and you are not able to provide it as you are far away from your villa?

When you want to be home, you would like your bathtub is full of warm water and as soon as arrived you want to get in hot water bathtub to relax?

Would you like when your child reaches home from school, the food is heated and ready and not hold the risk of gas staying on?

With Luxin smart system, you can easily control and manage all of the above cases and hence you will be very good at saving your electricity, gas and water energy.

Security Hidden Cameras

If you install the Security Hidden Cameras, you will be able to:


Visit your workplace, villa or home anytime. Ability to visit and control if you receive risk messages including smoke danger, danger of the presence of unauthorized people and danger of opening of the doors and windows.

Store all information without the need for memory and thus remove the possibility of erasure or theft of the data and accessories.

Manage and move the cameras to the desired angles and visibility of all the environment.

Controlling the personnel and the desired staff and their security communication as well.