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What is a smart home?

What will be happen, if all the devices in your life can connect to the internet? In a smart home, you would be able to control all the appliances which turn on and off. The equipment including home lighting system, cooling and heating system (split, package), security system (camera, fire alarm sensor, alarm key, temperature sensor), audio system (TV, Radio, Audio Recorder), electric curtain, electric door tab and all home appliances. The smart home is exactly what its looks like: automating the ability to control home electrical appliances that can be control with the push of a button in the app or a voice command the activities mentioned above can be control very simply.

If you’ve ever had to rush back to your house to check you’ve switched the water off, or turned the heating out, you will appreciate a smart home.
Remote control appliances means your home devices can be monitor from everywhere, cameras connecting to your phone as well, it is also makes you able to control your pets whenever you are, and voice assistants gives you a helping hand about controlling some special devices too.

With attention to nowadays difficulties in everybody’s life, it is easy to manage your home and your workplace with many programs and scenarios with Luxin`s App. Controlling Luxin program is easy and very simply improves the life`s quality and comfortability.

What can a smart home do?

There is also a potential to make a big difference in the cost of your utility bills, as now there’s no need to burn money by forgetting to turn the heating off when you leave for work. By monitoring your heating, water and electricity, there’s far less chance of a large bill sneaking up on you.

Luxin brings you:

1- Management and programming the protection of the children at home
2- Management and programming for more comfortable and more easy life for your old parents
3- Management and programming for control our homey pets for their foods, cold and warms and also their freedom as well.
4- Management and programing our villa, before arriving or while you are on the way.
5- Management and programing for more comfortable and more easy life for unable people at home.
6- Management and programing for decreasing the energy costs at home, workplace and villas up to 40 percent.
7- Management and programing for our safety in our home, workplace and villas.

How to create a smart life

You can make your home smart by installing a network that enables you to connect your appliances and devices, or you can buy individual products that link to your phone.
A popular smart home device is a voice assistant, a personal helper that lives in your phone, tablet, speaker, streaming box or other internet-connected device.
Another popular bit of tech is a smart thermostat that allows you to set the heating to turn on before you come in from a freezing winter day.

Home, factory, villa, children, homey pets and even your guests can easily be managing and programming by Luxin`s applications.

LUXIN SmartHomes Shouldn`t Have to be Expensive

It’s a common myth that smart homes are expensive, but they should not have to be. While smart home devices cost some money, so do other household purchases you don’t really need, such as floor rugs and decorations. You can always save money by not buying something. The question should be whether the cost is worth what you get out of it. Once you have done the cost/benefit math, you can pace yourself.

In the meantime, if your home is smart, you have a valuable advantage in comparison to others while the market is competitive.

Let`s say every smart home is different because homes themselves are very different. Whether you live in an apartment or multi-family house with, you can connect your living space completely to a network and gain new control of your life. And finally a smart home is whatever you want it to be.